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Unique Programs

International Student Career Development Program

Chicago, USA

For International (F1) Students Studying at US Universities

India Immersion Program

New Delhi, India

For University Students Worldwide

US Internship Program

Chicago, USA

Special Program for Indian University Students to Intern Abroad (J1 Visa)

Israel Immersion Program

Tel Aviv, Israel

For Students studying outside Israel

Semester in the Himalaya

Indian Himalayas

For University Students Worldwide

Summer in the Himalaya

Indian Himalaya

For University Students Worldwide

Why International Internship?

International internship is the best opportunity for students to groom themselves as professionals and gain industry specific exposure and insights.

More valued by employers

Employers value international experience because companies are spreading worldwide. The workforce is becoming more diverse. Thus, an international experience is becoming more and more of a valuable asset to employers, nationally and internationally.

Get a Global Perspective

International internship helps students in getting a much broader view of what is happening in the world around them. It provides them an opportunity to look at new challenges in a different light and solve problems from a different perspective.

Unforgettable Experience

Experience is the most important part of this journey. The people you meet; the foods you eat; the pictures you take; the lessons that you learn; all add to your experience of living and working in a new country.

Global Network

International Internship is one of the best tools to develop a global network. It is important that, as a student builds his/her career, regardless of whether it is an international career, they build a circle of mentors, contacts and friends.

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